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No. 1 is the luckiest number

Caramie Schnell
Dominique Taylor/The Vail TrailMason Miller

It’s official. The votes have been cast and the results are in: the valley’s most eligible bachelorette is, drum roll please, Kate McAtavey and the valley’s most eligible bachelor is Mason Miller.

The Vail Trail spent almost two months on a quest to find the valley’s most eligible singles. We called, interviewed or met face-to-face with around 80 people before taking our top 10 favorite candidates and publishing their profiles in the paper a few weeks ago. From there we turned things over to you, our readers, to decide who was No. 1. After two very close races on our web poll, we finally had our answer. We checked in with the winners, Kate and Mason, to find out how their new fame has been treating them.

CS: What’s happened as a result of this?

MM: I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and say hey, congratulations. I haven’t had any person not have a positive response about it. Nothing negative, it’s all been just great fun.

CS: Tell me about your campaign.

MM: Like any political campaign, I just did some advertising. I did a couple hundred MySpace bulletins. I went down the family tree and did a couple of chain e-mails. Hit up some of my international friends to see if they could help me out. Graham and I we were in cahoots because he’s part of our mug club and I see him all the time. We’d sit down and I would put up my laptop and ask people that were in here to come up and vote.

CS: So you and Graham were definitely going head to head with the voting?

MM: Yeah, we thought it was a great game.

CS: How many times did you vote for yourself?

MM: Only a couple of times.

CS: Did any of the bachelorettes catch your eye?

MM: Honestly I think I read through some of their profiles in the beginning and then I kind of forgot, unintentionally. But Monica was pretty cute, and the lady that worked for the TV station.

CS: Tricia?

MM: Yeah. She was a little bit older than me, though.

CS: Maybe you need an older woman in your life.

MM: That tends to be a trend for me. Older women seem to find me.

Caramie Schnell: So how does it feel to be the valley’s most eligible bachelorette?

KM: I was surprised. If you had asked me when we first talked if I would be sitting here at the end I would say, no way. Remember when you first called me? I was like ‘maybe this isn’t the best attitude, but if my chances are slim, which it sounds like they are, then I’ll do it.’

CS: What kind of feedback have you gotten?

KM: I’ve gotten great feedback. I thought I’d get a lot more crap. I was surprised how many people were like ‘hey, I voted for you.’

CS: Have you had any dates, offers? Anyone picking up on you?

KM: I’ve had a lot of people asking if my phone is ringing off the hook. I’ve sort of looked at them and said, ‘uh, my phone number wasn’t in the paper.’ I don’t know what will happen.

CS: You know what would be funny – if two years from now we’re talking, doing a follow-up story on you meeting the man of your dreams from this?

KM: I know. That’d be great. You could give me Graham Olson’s number and I could call him and ask him out and we could do a follow-up story on that.

CS: That’d be so fun. You’d call him up?

KM: Yeah, why not?

CS: I’ll see what I can do. How many times did you vote for yourself?

KM: Twice. Then I thought, what if she asks me that question? I don’t want to have to lie.

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