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No butt heads

Cassie Pence

VAIL – You can’t blame a man who fills his lungs with air to make a living for requesting his performance be nonsmoking.

There will be no smoking Friday night at 8150 for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. The band travels around the country playing shows where butt heads are asked to step outside.”I think smoking is terrible. I think everyone should be requesting that people don’t smoke. It’s an odd thing, I’m totally a capitalist and about freedom, but freedom to kill yourself is kind of an odd thing,” Denson, who plays the saxophone, said. “We really haven’t seen any difference in attendance. Generally, there is a real small pecentage of the people out there who can’t control theior additcitons enough to deal for two hours without being able to just go outside and smoke.”

This year, 8150 has gone nonsmoking for two concerts: Lyrics Born and Soulive. One of the members of Lyrics Born is allergic to smoke and it’s standard for Soulive to go nonsmoking.”Lyrics Born was a last minute thing, but people seemed to respect it. For Soulive, we put it in the add that day and people were pretty ‘psyched’ about it. There were more cigarette butts out front, but other than that, people seemed to police themselves pretty well,” Crawford Byers, 8150’s talent booker said.

People expect shows like Soulive and Karl Denson to be nonsmoking because the bands request it everywhere they tour. Now that it is getting warm out, people who puff on ciggies shouldn’t mind stepping outside.”Bit by bit we’re getting more like Boulder and Breck (enridge),” Byers said.Vail Colorado

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