No change with McCain |

No change with McCain

Gus Nicholson, Denver and Avon

I think what has frustrated those who’ve been opposed to the current administration these last nearly eight years has been the gunslinger approach to everything ” shoot first, figure things out later. At the same time, it seems the administration’s support has come from those who applaud that kind of decisiveness.

The world is a dangerous place with smart, sophisticated leaders, both friendly and not so friendly, and rushing in with guns blazing before all options and consequences are considered is not a good plan, especially for an intelligent, mature and strong people.

After reading some of Gov. Sarah Palin’s comments to Charles Gibson, I fully understand that she means to hold the course regarding the decisiveness and determination to continue the current administration’s policies.

I have said this before and I will say it again. If you are well satisfied with that course, then you should certainly support the Republican ticket. If you think the country requires a decisive change in course, regardless of your political affiliation, then you should vote the Democratic ticket.

To think that Sen. John McCain and Gov. Palin will actually live up to the change they keep shouting about is the height of naivete. They’ve simply seized on the word “change” because the Democrats mean it and it has resonated with the electorate.

But their idea of change, believe me, has nothing to do with changing the direction Mr. Bush and his associates have pointed us toward.

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