No date for Valentine’s Day? Go stag to Art’s |

No date for Valentine’s Day? Go stag to Art’s

Cassie Pence
Shane Macomber/Vail DailyArt's Bar in Vail Village will be transformed into "Enchantment Under the Some Kind of Wonderful Pretty Pink Sea" for a Valentine's Day prom Monday night at 10. Owner Barry Davis will also offer a three-course prom dinner for $40 for any die-hards that truly want to relive their prom experience.

VAIL – Prom night for Barry Davis was quite eventful, he switched dates mid-way through, and ended up buying both girls dinner.Brea Schwartz broke up with her prom date on the dance floor because he was so drunk.Before Meredith McFadden even arrived at the prom, her date spilled red wine all over her white dress. Ah, the memories of high school prom. So cherished that Davis, owner of Art’s Bar in Vail Village, with the help of the Art’s Prom Committee, which includes Schwartz and McFadden, are throwing a 1980s-style prom for Valentine’s Day called “Enchantment Under the Some Kind of Wonderful Pretty Pink Sea.” The title alludes to three 1980s’ teen movies that feature the classic ideal prom you’ll experience at Art’s Monday night. Decor will be fitting with lots of crepe paper, silver stars, twinkle lights and baby blue fake fish. (By the way, the three movies are “Back to the Future,” “Some Kind of Wonderful,” and “Pretty in Pink.”)

“The idea came from trying to think of something new to do on Valentine’s Day. After being in the valley for so long, I’m really sick of how many times a year there is a pimp and ho party,” said Davis. “Plus, the guys are going to do whatever the girls want, and all the girls I ran it by seemed to be really excited about it.”Davis roommate, McFadden (who elected herself prom committee president) and friends had their parents send out their old prom dresses from high school. The attire for the evening will be lots of ruffles, crinoline and sequins.”We were just happy we could fit into them again,” said McFadden. “I forgot how bad fashion was back then.”Some of the men have gone the extra length as well to dress the part. Local Rob Bak is wearing a “beautiful” mint green tuxedo with ruffles, and Davis said you have never seen so much glitter on a tuxedo than on the one he will be sporting.”All the things that you look back on about prom and regret, you know will be funny this time,” said Davis.The whole evening will be captured by a professional photographer. Dates, or maybe the swim team, can pose for a picture in front of a painted backdrop. Guests can purchase photos right at the dance.

“There’s something for everyone. Some people out there might have some skeletons in the prom closet that they might need to avenge. Others may have never gotten to go to the prom,” said Davis.Date, stag or Sadie Hawkins, everyone is welcome to attend Enchantment Under the Some Kind of Wonderful Pretty Pink Sea. It’s a silly alternative to a silly fabricated lovers’ holiday. The dance is free, except for the drinks, which you don’t have to drink in the bathroom this time.”I love the idea. There is nothing fun for singles to do, and there are so many people who hate to go out and party when they see the love birds out. This is fun for everybody,” said Schwartz.For the die-hards, Art’s is offering a traditional three-course prom dinner, featuring chicken cordon bleu or a New York strip. Davis has ordered a whole case of sparkling rose for the occasion. Dinner is $40 starts at 8:30 p.m., and you must RSVP by Saturday.All good proms must have a chaperone, so Craig Cohn has decided to take one for the team. He’s still trying to find some short, tight coach shorts for his role.”There won’t be any rulers measuring how close you’re dancing, and what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom,” Cohn said.

Art’s bar is located across the street from Pazzo’s Pizza in Vail Village. The dance starts at 10 p.m., and DJ Z 28 will set the night to the unforgettable ’80s music you have danced to before. For more information or to RSVP for the dinner, call the bar at (970) 476-7800.Arts and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 618, or cpence@vaildaily.comVail, Colorado

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