No Memorial weekend traffic spike expected |

No Memorial weekend traffic spike expected

EAGLE COUNTY — The Colorado Department of Transportation’s data from 2013 and 2014 suggests that the Memorial Day weekend does not see an appreciable increase in traffic volume.

“Although many people view Memorial Day as the start of summer, wet weather in the forecast could see more folks sticking close to home,” said Rod Mead, operations manager at the Colorado Traffic Management Center. “Our traffic data suggests that Memorial weekend is much more weather dependent than July 4th and Labor Day, because it doesn’t quite feel like summer yet, especially with the rain and snow we’ve been seeing over the past few weeks.”

In an effort to provide smooth travel for motorists who are planning to travel this weekend, transportation department projects have suspended lane closures along the Interstate 70 corridor as well as statewide. If an emergency situation occurs, it is possible crews would need to implement lane closures for safety.

Due to snowfall during the past few weeks, several of the state’s high mountain passes, including Mount Evans (Colorado Highway 5) and Trail Ridge Road (U.S. Highway 34), were unable to open this weekend, a goal the department strives to accomplish each year. Colorado’s highest continuous seasonal highway, Independence Pass, did open on Thursday. Motorists are encouraged to check road conditions before venturing out.

Other recreational amenities that state crews maintain are open this weekend, including the Vail Pass bike path on both the east and west side, and the Glenwood Canyon bike path. Crews also completed maintenance work on Thursday at the popular Hanging Lake rest area.

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For more information:

• Go to and CDOT Mobile for real-time updates.

• Call 511 anywhere in Colorado for periodically updated road conditions.

• Go to — hosted by the I-70 Coalition — to see weekly I-70 travel forecasts based on historical data and how weather, construction or events may impact the mountain commute.

• Follow the Colorado Department of Transportation on Twitter and Facebook.

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