No more cone zone in Eagle |

No more cone zone in Eagle

Eagle Town Engineer Tom Gosiorowski and Martha Miller with the Colorado Department of Transportation cut the ribbon during Wednesday's dedication ceremony for Eagle's roundabout project. Planning for the five roundabouts started in 2007. Construction took a year and a half and cost $16 million.
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I-70 Eagle Interchange Upgrade Project Summary

Safety and mobility partnership project between CDOT and the Town of Eagle

Flatiron Constructors, Inc. selected through an innovative contracting technique utilizing CM/GC

Project converted 4 traditional intersections to roundabouts and upgraded one existing roundabout on US 6

Project also upgraded pedestrian mobility by adding nearly 1 mile of sidewalks/multi-use paths with upgrade lighting, and a pedestrian overpass over I-70.

Project funded in part by the Town of Eagle, RAMP, and FASTER

Champion of benefits of RAMP principles before RAMP had been introduced

CDOT and Town of Eagle 50/50 funding partners in design since 2007, 70/30 partners in construction

7 year process from design to completion – Town of Eagle and CDOT partners the entire duration

Flatiron delivered project on time and on budget, high quality work, and was an equal partner with CDOT and the Town in the final design stages through completion of construction

Project championed benefits of CM/GC innovative contracting technique by improving constructability, reducing costs through Value Engineering ideas, reducing risk to construction, developing construction phasing which allowed traffic to continue to move through the corridor, and accelerating construction schedules

CM/GC process allowed CDOT, Town of Eagle, and Flatiron to engage the public prior to construction, establish contacts, build relationships, and continue to deliver pertinent project information to the community throughout the duration of construction

First RAMP Project in Region 3 to be completed

Built under two sub-projects, first project starting in July of 2013 and second project starting in March of 2014.

Through benefits of using CM/GC, championed CDOT Cash Management principles before the Cash Management program was unveiled.

Improvements Made Include: upgraded water lines; upgraded storm sewer; widened bridge over the Eagle River; new pedestrian bridge over I-70; new bridge rail on highway bridge over I-70; eliminated 2 traffic signals; improved traffic flow with addition of 4 roundabouts and improvement of US 6 Roundabout; lighting; landscaping; concrete construction for the most part.

Major congestion/backups in corridor during rush hour largely eliminated with completion of the project.

Total Construction Cost (not including CM): $16 Million.

Total Construction Time: just under 1.5 years

Met project goals of:

Minimizing impacts

Project completion on budget and on schedule

Maintain safety during construction

Useful communication to residents and businesses

Best value and high quality construction

Improve long term operations and safety

Seamless coordination between utility, roadway, and landscaping phases

EAGLE — Eagle is no longer a cone zone.

The Eagle roundabouts officially opened Wednesday morning when the red ribbon was cut.

“This project was a perfect example of how we at CDOT are looking for innovative ways to work with local agencies like the town of Eagle,” said Dave Eller, Colorado Department of Transportation’s regional transportation director for Region 3. “There were important operational and safety improvements to be made at this interchange, and we’re happy to see this critical project completed.”

Eagle Town Engineer Tom Gosiorowski was interviewing for his job in 2001 and had to sit through three traffic light cycles at Chambers Avenue just to get to the meeting. He got the job, and decided cleaning up Eby Creek Road traffic should be one of the town’s top priorities.

By 2007, traffic backed up onto Interstate 70 was all too regular, so in 2008 the town of Eagle and CDOT paid for a traffic study to get a fix on what needed to be done.

A lot needed to be done, it turned out.

Seven years later, Eagle has five roundabouts. Construction took the better part of two years. Construction began in July 2013 and was completed on Wednesday.

“In seven years, we have gone from just launching a study to having five new roundabouts, paths and a new pedestrian bridge. In CDOT time, that is just about as fast as we could have gone,” Gosiorowski told the Eagle Valley Enterprise.

It took hundreds of construction days — and several all-nighters — but for Gosiorowski a couple stand out. He strolled across the Interstate 70 pedestrian bridge in the wee hours of the morning shortly after it was set in place. Then a few months back, crews turned off the signal light at Eby Creek Road and Chambers Avenue for the final time.

“Huge pedestrian safety improvements were key to this project,” said Scot Cuthbertson, CDOT deputy executive director. “For example, adding sidewalks along Eby Creek Road and a great separated crossing of I-70 with the pedestrian bridge in place to keep pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic separated.”

In addition to the new road work, the project included underground utility relocation including water, wastewater, electric, telephone, cable and fiber optic lines.

Transportation issues are an important part of Colorado’s quality of life and economic development, said Transportation Commissioner Doug Aden.

“I am pleased to be here to see the completion of this critical project.”

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