No more croissants for this American |

No more croissants for this American

Is this descriptive of a few Second World nations, most Third World countries and all Islamic terrorists, or is it the current mindset of the French?

Who are these body odor enthusiasts to threaten us with a “veto” against a United Nations resolution in favor of a pre-emptive strike against Hussein and his minions?

Face it, the only thing the French do well is cook, and they even use snails for that.

The United Nations was founded back in 1945, just after World War II, when entire countries like France were still smoldering piles of artistic rubble, unable to sustain so much as an eternal flame on their own.

It was conceived as an attempt to rebuild the League of Nations, which was established under the Treaty of Versailles for similar reasons just before the end of World War I but basically disintegrated when Hitler began his rampage. Their original intent was for the purpose of maintaining international peace and security while developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.

Noble initial objectives, by all means.

But it took the United States to save their Pepe Le Pew behinds from Nazi tyranny and then rebuild their nation, at the great cost of lives and money. Same went for the rest of western Europe, as we protected them from further tyranny at the hands of Stalin.

None could have done it without the United States of America.

Now we want to rid the world of yet another cruel dictator, and what are we receiving from our former quiche-eating allies in return? Hate-filled rhetoric.

These are the same elitist lefties who annually whine about losing the Tour de France with constant claims of Lance “I beat cancer but still get no respect” Armstrong riding the drug train of happiness down the Champs Elysees.

I guess if they were still running from the Germans, they might be capable of winning a race or two.

Throughout the decades, the United States has been in Europe without failure to help clean up their esoteric messes. Lucky for us, Tony Blair and most of Great Britain remain friends, in part because the British largely do not consider themselves European, but the only thing the French have given them over the years is a hard time.

These people have no moral compunction for anything, except maybe their language, but especially not sex and politics. Their speech is exquisite when spoken by a dark-haired beauty, but drops like an iron-filled crepe upon raising her arm in a sleeveless top.

This is the homeland of the Raelian Sect leader. You know, the former French race car driver who says we are all children of aliens and is “proving” it by supposedly cloning a few little Frenchmen of his own.

The only product they know how to produce is wine.

The only enemy they ever captured was a cold.

The only action they excel in is surrendering.

In proving autonomy, the only geography they stay connected to is Canada, and maybe a few select corners along Bourbon Street.

They are no longer a world power and that chaps their thin little goofy hat-wearing backsides.

If France exercises its right to “veto’ a UN resolution, I will have no reservations with the United States withdrawing from the United Nations and ceasing all cooperation with its members. For the past two decades, it has merely served as a tool for international left-wingers and Third World nations to encumber U.S. initiatives and undermine influence from the West.

As Colin Powell said, “If the United Nations is going to be relevant it has to take a firm stand.” Yet France insists they would never associate themselves with military intervention that is not supported by the international community.

Excuse me, but are we to believe that the “we do things our own way” French are now completely handicapped by the international community?

They claim that “military intervention would be the worst possible solution,” but they have offered no solution of their own, except maybe adding a few more inspectors and playing the waiting game long enough for them to collect a few billion Euros in Iraqi debt.

Le superiority complex has gone on le long enough.

The burden of proof is on Iraq to show they have no WMDs. They have not cooperated with weapons inspectors and have deceived the international community at every opportunity for over 12 years.

My opening sentence was paraphrased from a Ludlum novel, but no more reading between the lines is necessary to separate fact from fiction. If a plane or two had struck the Eiffel Tower, or perhaps the Brandenburg Gate, what would the thankless French and those forgetful Germans be saying now?

Heil le difference!

Richard Carnes of Edwards can be reached at

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