No more drunks |

No more drunks

As a former member of the Vail Licensing Authority (a.k.a. liquor board), I strongly urge you to stop promoting irresponsible drinking. Your photos usually spotlight glassy-eyed youths downing shots and/or chug-a-lugging beers. As a community newspaper with 40 years longevity, it behooves you to act responsibly.

Connie Knight


I just wanted to thank Ms. Dominique Taylor for her insightful article a few weeks ago on the Dali Llama and his appearance in Denver that she attended and reported on. When such a wise and wonderful world leader visits our magnificent state it is appropriate that we recognize and appreciate his sharing of all his wisdom, goodness and humility. What a gift to us all, no matter which particular spiritual path we travel.

Also her first-rate photography is simply magnificent. The pictures of our longtime “extreme” sports fanatics, Michael Whitfield, Michael Maginni, Darrin Anderson and Matt Inden, are awesome and inspiring (Vol. 42, No. 1). Keep up the exemplary work Ms. Taylor and please know how much it is appreciated!

Best regards,

W. David Prowell, III


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This is Annah Scully and I was quoted in the story about plastic surgery making an off-the-cuff remark about Nancy Sinatra. When many of us think of plastic surgery, certain celebrity names are often associated, some accurately where others are not. In this case, my association with Nancy and extreme plastic surgery was one based mostly on the celebrity rumor mill and urban myth. Celebrities are often victims of exaggerated satirical humor because they are in the public spotlight. It is similar humor that fuels comedic platforms such as “Saturday Night Live,” “The Daily Show,” “South Park,” to name a few. Like many of us, I am a big fan of these types of shows and believe that having a sense of humor is vital to mental and physical health, but, as I learned today, sometimes this type of humor can be more hurtful than we “little folk” know. I received a call from Nancy and she expressed disappointment at my comment. Thanks to Google, our off-the-cuff remarks are no longer simple harmless jabs shared by a few goofy locals. Nancy was polite and candid in expressing her concern and stated that she, in fact, was not one who has undergone extreme makeovers. Nancy called me on my remark and made me realize that, no matter who you are, such comments are inherently insensitive. Celebrities are real people with feelings and smartasses like me, and much of the media, sometimes forget that. I will not promise to always be P.C., and those of you who know me know that would be impossible, but I do feel badly for being offensive. Nancy is a great talent and a class act. These boots were made for bustin’ my a** for being a wise guy and to Nancy I say, please accept my apology. I stand corrected.

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