No more Obama puff pieces |

No more Obama puff pieces

Ron Ownby Gypsum

Referencing “Whom do you trust?” Commentary, July 2, 2008.

So, Vail Daily thinks you “do a pretty good job providing accurate information?” Maybe. However, when you print an AP story in this issue: “Obama uses faith to reach right; initiatives would differ from Bush,” some may wonder if Vail Daily is running a free campaign ad for Obama? It’s almost a full page of puff which portrays the most far-left liberal in the Senate as a “centrist;” that’s laughable and it’s not accurate.

I understand its not your columnist, its a re-print and it does have two or three lines mentioning McCain.

By the way, what does Bush have to do with anything? I thought it was a McCain, Obama race.

I will be looking for a corresponding puff piece on John McCain!

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I double-dog dare the Vail Daily to print both candidates’ voting records; Obama’s two years in the Senate and all his time in the Illinois legislature.

Also print McCain’s voting history in the Senate for the last five or six years. Then we will know who we are dealing with.

Do not believe anything they say, you must believe how they voted, that will prove who they are!

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