No need for parties here |

No need for parties here

Don Rogers

Think you can sort out ideology at the county level by R’s and D’s? Better think again.Former Commissioner Michael Gallagher served as a D. But he didn’t vote that way. No, he worked in lockstep with Commissioner Tom Stone, an R.Nothing wrong with a conservative agenda. But you wouldn’t know it by counting D’s and R’s during Gallagher’s time in office.Michael Lederhause ran for commissioner in the Democratic primary. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a more conservative candidate for office. If you stopped at the D and assumed liberal, you’d be sorely mistaken.Now Lederhause is campaigning for a Republican, Tom Edwards, a moderate. Sara Fisher, a former Republican whose moderate ideology isn’t much changed, is running as a D.And the candidate who sounds the most liberal positions is Roger Brown, running as an independent.Don’t let the party people fool you. Commissioners, sheriff’s, coronors, treasurers, clerk and recorders, assessors and surveyors are not affected in any good way by formal attachments to parties.Their work is very much like the already non-partisan towns and special districts than the Legislature or Congress.Let the party people fret over Iraq and whether Dems or Republican partisans are more truly venal. We’ve got a county to run. Let’s show these folks with agendas that have nothing to do with county matters the door.Vail, Colorado

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