No on Amendment 59 |

No on Amendment 59

Amendment 59 represents the largest tax hike in state history.

People in Eagle County are still angry, dazed and confused by this year’s property tax increase. Ballot issues like this one are the reason for it. Every vote to erode the constitutional protections of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights is a vote for higher taxes.

Amendment 59 repeals forever the spending limits on government. That means no more tax refunds, and voters give up the right to vote on future tax refunds ” forever.

Proponents of Amendment 59 hate TABOR. They claim that TABOR “hurts children,” yet this amendment would allow funds for education to be spent elsewhere! They claim that TABOR cuts funding for essential services, and they decry the dreaded “ratchet effect.” This is all nonsensical fear mongering by politicians who simply hate TABOR because it requires them to get voter approval before raising taxes, and requires government to respond to economic forces like the rest of us.

The ratchet effect is only rational. In a contracting economy, with increased prices for gasoline, heating fuel, groceries and everything else we use daily, we taxpayers have no choice but to ratchet back on our spending. TABOR only requires our governments to do the same. How is this at all unreasonable?

TABOR is good. TABOR is our friend.

TABOR does not prevent our elected officials from increasing taxes, tax rates, revenues, spending or debt; TABOR only requires them to ask for permission from the voters before doing so. TABOR protects taxpayers from politicians too rude to say “please” before reaching deeper into our wallets.

Vote NO on Amendment 59, and fire the rude politicians promoting it! Please support those candidates who support TABOR.

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