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No place for politics

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail, Colorado CO

Scientists worldwide have done the studies and surveyed the evidence.

The conclusion? Global warming is real and very likely caused by human activity.

We can forgive the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for being a bit dense in the report released earlier this month.

Science, for all its decisive answers, is not as cleanly black and white as politicians would like.

And those pointing to the slim holes a phrase like “very likely” leaves will quite likely never be convinced of the human race’s responsibility in creating climate change, no matter how damning the evidence.

That doesn’t excuse former Vice President Al Gore from exaggerating the evidence to rally the troops the cause. The U.N. climate panel expects sea levels to rise maybe two feet over the next 100 years, not the 20 feet Gore’s film, “The Inconvenient Truth” suggests.

Nor does the report justify having the U.S. ratify the Kyoto Protocol, which would hardly make a difference.

The international agreement provides a laundry list of tasks to reduce global-warming pollutants, and flogs the U.S. for its contribution, while ignoring other huge polluters like China and India.

No, the IPCC report should be taken on its face, without exaggeration and without dismissal.

Leaving politics at the door is only way we can come up with meaningful changes that will stop global warming from getting worse.


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