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No religion test

Article six of the Constitution states “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under The United States.” But the spirit of that statement is being violated by many of our citizens when they make compliance with their own religious beliefs a pre-requisite to gaining their vote for public office.

Furthermore, Mr. Mitt Romney’s recent speech endorsed that violation when he pandered to the “religious right” by publicly stating that he too believed that “Jesus Christ was the Son of God and the Savior of mankind.” He gave himself a religious test and then scored 100 percent.

Not only did I listen to the speech given by Mr. Romney, but later on, I tuned in to the commentary of the media. Not one of them seemed to share the total disgust that I personally felt. all that Mr. Romney repeatedly told us was that his affirmation of God and Jesus qualified him to be our next president. And all that the media addressed was the political wisdom and effectiveness of his words.

I’m sorry to say that I thought that the entire experience was repugnant. What does the affirmation of God and Jesus have to do with either the qualifications or the abilities that will be needed by our next President? And how many of us believe that if we elect a religious president we will have a decent, honest, moral government?

David Le Vine

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I recall skiing with Eric Nesterenko, on June 17, 1980; we skied on Independence Pass, hiking heart-attack hill and then off the divide. Our final run was down July 4th Bowl, finishing at about noon. We then headed into Aspen to the Wiernerstube restaurant for lunch. It was a memorable day for me as I was raised in Ontario and my hometown, Woodstock, was Chicago property prior to expansion and Eric was one of my heroes.

I have been teaching and coaching for 35 years ” 22 years in Aspen and eight years in Whistler. Good to see Eric is still at it and having great days.

Gordie Lake

Kelowna, B.C.

Yes they are a boon! Thank you for bucking the popular (and jealous maybe?) trend of bashing the second-home owners who pay in full for, but rarely use, things such as roads, schools, water, etc. Let’s bash the business owners (like the big construction companies) who demand housing for their employees, but don’t feel they should pay for any of it. Let’s bash the county who wants to import cheap labor and pass the costs of these cheap laborers directly back to the middle-class taxpayer. Let’s bash where it is appropriate and correct!

Thanks Debbie, on target once again. The people who bought house lots on Forest Road in the ’60s built second homes. Locals found jobs and did the construction. We get to live here, they only get to visit. We should be looking to raise our wages, not lower our property values

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