No "resort pricing" for City Market in Vail Valley |

No "resort pricing" for City Market in Vail Valley

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” City Market shoppers in Colorado’s Vail Valley won’t miss out an any deals the grocery store offers, according to company representatives.

Some shoppers were concerned at rumors that the market was discontinuing customer value cards, which offered discounts on special items. Also, some worried that local prices would go up at City Market’s Avon and Vail locations with the start of a new “resort pricing” program.

Company spokesperson Trail Daugherty said that shoppers will still have full use of value cards and that there won’t be a price change targeted at resort areas.

City Market did try a different advertisement program in December, where resort towns received special ads that featured higher end, gourmet items, Daugherty said.

“During the holidays we tried a different format, with three small ads,” he said. “It didn’t work for us, so we discontinued that.”

Denver and other metropolitan areas will tend to have “hotter” prices, but Daugherty said that Vail and Avon prices would stay competitive, thanks to competition from the Safeway next to the Vail City Market and Avon’s Wal-Mart.

“Pricing is really the function of competition, especially in an area like Vail,” he said. “Our goal is to be very highly competitive with Safeway.”

Some local residents said it’s very important to them that they’re not penalized for living in a resort community.

“This is just an incredible place to grow up, but it’s too expensive here,” said longtime Vail resident Sandy Brendan. “I want to feel there are some advantages for people to stay here. We need to have groceries in kitchens. There are a lot of worker bees here.”

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