No room for common sense |

No room for common sense

Don Rogers

The Grand Old Party has grown just about unbearable in its hubris. But alas, the Democrats offer a thoroughly unpalatable alternative.The holy rolling morality infecting legislation, the K Street shakedown of lobbiests, the petty and perhaps not so petty corruptions of power that felled the Dems, the many miscalculations of war and diplomacy – an awful lot of it is frankly appalling.But instead of offering common sense by comparison, the Democratic true believers only get more shrill and strange.From Howard Dean to the heads of the local Dems, you’d think Roberts and Alito were Satan’s siblings instead of – surprise, surprise – intellectual conservative nominees for the Supreme Court with excellent judicial credentials.They appear clueless to just how ridiculous they make their party to that vast middle of us who have grown ever more uncomfortable with the Republicans. If we’re growing less confident in the Bush administration’s use of force, we’re even less willing to join the donkeys who sound more like Osama’s allies than Americans.The Democrats have an historic opportunity to regain leadership, on a platter even. But they appear allergic to such a quality.The time is ripe for a third , middle ground party, one that makes sense. Vail, Colorado

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