No surprises |

No surprises

John Roeser, Gypsum

No one should be surprised by the liberals’ reaction to John McCain’s pick of Gov. Sara Palin as his running mate. It reminds me of the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The Democrats held a coronation in Denver, and the next week Gov. Palin held a mirror up to their choice. What was reflected back, by his own words and lack of deeds, was the image of a man who “had no clothes.”

The Democrats immediately went into full attack mode. We’ve all seen this before. The Clintons have made it an art form. Now the “Emperor” sees no need to change. With a Democratic ticket that has zero qualifications, the liberals attacks should be even more intense.

Now I know that some of you liberals would say that my analogy has more to do with the Bush administration. However, the Democrats never held a mirror up to Pres. Bush, but what they held up was an anti-war poster with a copy of their liberal agenda attached. They emboldened our enemies and caused the “surge” to be necessary.

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