No wonder it took so long |

No wonder it took so long

Don Rogers

There was the picture of the hiker; nope, might anger the motorized recreationalists. Same problem with showing a ski area, snowmobile, fisherman, dog and on and on. The quest to offend no one, alas, is the most challenging of all. “PC” is most definitely not the easy course.

Can’t show Holy Cross, at least not the cross part. Finally – eureka! – a shot with some beautiful flowers in it. This plan made it all the way, almost, before the discovery was made.

That’s right, the beautiful flowers were from noxious weeds.


Getting ahead

North Dakota considers a name change and India a new slogan encapsulating its billion residents in the grand quest for a better image and maybe some more tourists.

Oh, the lengths we’ll go for a boost in the tourism department. Does Joe, Mont., still exist? Remember when the little town went to that extreme to capitalize on a natural pun on then-quarterback idol Joe Montana – who played in San Francisco and hailed from Pennsylvania?

Then there’s the fellow who sold his unshaven head on eBay to the highest bidder as a walking advertisement.

Seems quaint that Vailites occasionally hold up “ski Vail” signs and the like outside the studio where “Good Morning America” is shot.

Call the Utes

If you look closely you might notice some aspens are beginning to turn – a hint of the next season around the corner. And bearing hope that we’re nearly out of the woods, so to speak, with fire season if not the drought quite yet.

We’re also mindful that Vail’s first ski season 40 years ago came with a lot of nervousness because the snow was slow to arrive, and little was on the ground when the lifts opened Dec. 15, after a warm and dry fall.

We may well be globally warmed, but that often seems as much humans trying to invent a reason for something inherently beyond our control and still to a large degree, our understanding.

In short, the weather will do what it will. Including, we can always hope, a couple of good snows in September. Hey, it’s happened the past few years. With luck, Mother Nature won’t see fit to re-create the situation 40 years ago. Maybe we’d best book the Ute rain dancers now.

An institution

Don’t forget the community rummage sale this weekend and next at Minturn’s Maloit Park. Good cause, and always fun to check out. D.R.

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