Noise isn’t the problem |

Noise isn’t the problem

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

There is a threat to Vail’s way of life coming off of Interstate 70, but it’s not the soothing sound of a trucker riding his jake breaks down from Vail Pass at three in the morning.

And the solution isn’t a $5 billion tunnel.

But the prospect of sandbars choking off Gore Creek to a less-than-picturesque trickle under the Covered Bridge and killing off the creek’s fish doesn’t seem to be as alarming to many in the resort as that dreaded, tourist-inconveniencing, property-value depreciating, summer-evening ruining freeway noise.

Environmental groups and government agencies have been pressuring the Colorado Department of Transportation to do something about the tons of traction sand that leak from Vail Pass into Black Gore Creek and eventually, into Gore Creek.

Tut the problem hasn’t seem to have inflamed the chattering classes the way squelching the highway noise has.

The sand oozing down Black Gore Creek and into town seems to have been lower on the list of concerns than the Solaris controversy, the conference center battle or whatever the development flap-du-jour has been.

But a mountain resort seems to need a clear, rippling mountain stream ” to lure anglers to Gore Creek’s Gold Medal waters, for the background of tourists pictures, for postcards, for kayak races and to float thousands of ducks down.

Efforts to stop the sand are intensifying, and to keep it from smothering Vail’s requisite rapids, the campaign could use a little more energy from the public.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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