Nominate your favorite Vail Valley commuter |

Nominate your favorite Vail Valley commuter

Vail Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL VALLEY –June is Colorado Bike Month and ECO Trails is currently seeking nominations for the annual Vail Valley commuter of the year awards. The deadline is 5 p.m., Thursday.

“We would like people to nominate their friends or family or coworkers they believe really make an extra effort to commute to work via bike or foot,” said Rachel Friede, chairman of the citizen ECO Trails Committee. “We want to recognize and honor the folks that go the distance and make the effort to pack up their stuff and head out in the wind, sun, rain or snow on a bike or by foot to get to work.”

Nomination forms are available from or call 328-3523.

Tell the ECO Trails Committee about your nominee: Do they have kids and a full-time job and still manage to commute to work by bike or foot? Do they log hundreds or thousands of miles a year? Or did they start and you never thought they would be able to keep doing it, but they have?

This year’s winner will join past commuter of the year winners: Tim Carlson in 2005, Jeff Mohrman in 2006, Leslie Kehmeier in 2007, Mike Janelle in 2008, and Brendan Finneran in 2009.

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