Nonprofit SaddleUp!Vail hosts events for horse-lovers |

Nonprofit SaddleUp!Vail hosts events for horse-lovers

Kathy Heicher

EAGLE COUNTY – Wendy Parker of Eby Creek is an unabashed horse person. When she looks around the Vail Valley, she says, she suspects there’s many other horse-lovers of all ages, who would like to be better riders, but don’t want to spend a fortune doing so.That’s the impetus that prompted her to organize SaddleUp!Vail, a nonprofit organization that will promote education and give riding lessons. Saddleup!Vail recently hosted its first annual Fall Classic event at the Eagle County Fairgrounds.SaddleUp!Vail is an off-spring of the Denver-based SaddleUp! program created by Shery McDonald Galbreath, Parker says. In addition to providing equine education, that organization supports and sponsors many of the top athletes competing in the professional level of rodeo. Parker says she thinks the program will be useful for horse owners in the Vail Valley.To date, the local organization has also staged a horse health fair, at which local veterinarians and some experts from Colorado State University gave advice on taking care of horses.”It’s been great. The professionals that we have around here have been very willing to share,” she says. “People come out of the woodwork who are involved in the horse industry.”

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