Nope, they’ve not forgotten |

Nope, they’ve not forgotten

Don Rogers

Have no fear, the commissioners have not blown off that pledge to push toward expansion of the board from three to five.In response to a Quick Takes this week wondering where the campaign rhetoric about this had gone, county officials mentioned questions at meetings even the press doesn’t attend, never mind the public, and that this very issue is on the Board of Commissioners agenda for March 1.Impatient pundits might have called, noted one. The county can do better with keeping the press (and the public) in the loop, another official said. Both sentiments are true. In this space we commented at how the home rule issue so prevalent during the election campaigning last fall fell of the table as a public discussion. Think Bush administration going aggressive with Social Security. They ain’t exactly settling for quiet meetings and wondering why the press isn’t chasing them down to learn more about a pet issue.But if we didn’t declare that our commissioners had dropped the ball, only challenging them on the lack of talk since election day about the subject, that is a nuance. We coulda-shoulda talked with them, or done the reporting, before challenging them editorially. Our bad, even if the point really was to nudge along the truly public discussion. Hint: Sidebar policy or regional municipal association meetings are not exactly the arena for bringing along the general public.After all, nothing happens with home rule without the voters. You know, we might have jumped the gun a little bringing the issue up again, but this one is big enough, and with enough interest, that our commissioners cannot talk about often enough – very publicly.Good to know they haven’t forgotten, though. Vail, Colorado

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