Nordic Track – Best of Vail Valley 2020 |

Nordic Track – Best of Vail Valley 2020

A cross-country skier glides along on the freshly groomed trails at the Vail Nordic Center in Vail. The center features trails for skiing, fat-biking and foot traffic.
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Best Nordic Track

1. Vail Nordic Center

2. Maloit Park

3. McCoy Park

Vail Nordic Center is the stomping grounds of high-school Nordic racers, visitors testing their prowess on snowshoes, dads pulling babies in tow, fat-bike adventurers and everyone in between. In other words, the Nordic Center is a welcome gathering place for anyone wanting to try out snowshoeing, skate or classic skiing.

With over 10 miles of skate track and 8 miles of trail dedicated to fat bikers, snowshoers and hikers, the options for a wintery workout feel endless. The track is set daily as soon as there is enough snow through early spring. Bonus: Nordic skiing takes the prize for a socially distanced get-together.

Hint: Make a day of it. Stop in the Nordic Center for tips, lessons, the latest gear and cute, functional fashions.

-Heather Hower

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