North Korea says U.S. negotiator welcome to visit to resolve nuclear issue |

North Korea says U.S. negotiator welcome to visit to resolve nuclear issue

UNITED NATIONS – North Korea’s deputy foreign minister said Thursday the chief U.S. nuclear negotiator is welcome to visit Pyongyang to resolve the nuclear dispute between the two countries.Choe Su Hon said North Korea would not impose any conditions on a visit by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, the top American negotiator at six-party talks.”If Christopher Hill is willing to visit my country with an intention of resolving the nuclear issue, then we would always welcome him,” Choe told a small group of reporters. “There will be no condition if he is willing to come to my country with a view to resolving the nuclear issue and other issues of his concern.”South Korean Unification Minister Chung Dong-young said earlier Thursday that he delivered a message from Hill to North Korea seeking to visit during last week’s inter-Korean Cabinet-level talks in Pyongyang.The latest six-party nuclear talks – the fourth round since 2003 – produced a landmark accord Monday in which North Korea agreed to abandon its nuclear program in exchange for economic aid, security assurances and improved ties with the United States.North Korea has since issued hardline rhetoric throwing that commitment into question. The country said Tuesday it won’t dismantle its nuclear program unless Washington gives it civilian nuclear reactors to generate power.Choe told the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday that the United States should give North Korea light-water nuclear reactors “as soon as possible” to build confidence in the nuclear talks. He told reporters afterwards that all issues should be resolved on the basis of “simultaneous actions.”Vail, Colorado

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