Nostalgia for sitting forever |

Nostalgia for sitting forever

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

The nostalgia for Vail’s aged, clunky Chair 10 is touching ” just as such sentiment marked the passing of horse and buggy in favor of the automobile, typewriter for computer.

But really, it’s time for a proper lift there. One that will whisk serious skiers up Highline in half the time.

Do you come to Vail Mountain to sit ” or to get in your turns? The answer should be obvious: to ski, or board if that’s your thing.

Maybe the ski museum could take Chair 10 and charge a nickel or dime to sit in it for those 14 long, long minutes the ol’ two-seater requires to creak on up to the top.

Sure, the endless ride keeps the riff-raff away, as well as people who’d rather spend the day skiing than on their duffs for a quarter of an hour at a time.

Sharing might be tough for those who endure the long rides for the relative solitude and better snow that they see as the reward.

But Vail Mountain is not the backcountry. It’s a top-flight ski resort. Part of that is taking advantage of technological advances to provide that better experience for the majority of their customers, not those last few cranky coots who think the soul of a place rests in how backward it remains.

There might still be places with archaic lifts that haven’t gone out of business, yet. A few writers still slave over typewriters and use the U.S. mail. A couple of people even own horses, though none of them has been seen riding their steed to work lately.

Change comes hard for some, even in this cell-phone-as-everything age. But that’s no reason to hold up the rest of us, is it?

Besides, like the roundabout dustup, the old school complainers might well find that they like a new, speedier lift a lot better than they had thought.

In any case, it’s time has come.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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