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Not a fan

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Isn’t it sad about poor Michael Cacioppo? Those liberal teachers just won’t let up. Is it surprising to anyone that his paper is boycotted by those he degrades constantly? … Does anyone else think it’s wrong that he freely places his Speakout paper in the U.S. Post Office lobby in Edwards? A building paid for by all of us? I proudly push his papers into the trash at the Post Office when I see them there. Considering his ongoing negativity, I’m not surprised to see his paper dwindle down to nothing and go under. …

Not even news

Cacioppo wants more? Cacioppo unhappy with schools. You guys are really wasting everybody’s time as much as he is anymore with putting this in the paper. Is this man bites dog, or dog bites man?

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Sure, tear it up

I find it ridiculous Bill Heicher and the town clowns are upset that now bicyclists are building illegal trails in the hillside in Eagle to get BLM land access. They’ve successfully alienated not only motor bikers and hikers and the bicyclers, they’ve alienated the whole town by deciding what to do with that public land behind closed doors and not inviting us, the citizens, to participate. I also find it ridiculous that today I’m looking out my window, and I see not one, but two or three, dump trucks on a newly built road up by Hocket Gulch by Slifer, Smith and Frampton, aka Eagle Ranch. I’m assuming they’re building a water tank up there for the masses, and I just find it ironic that the cops aren’t up there arresting those folks? …

Missed his call?

My topic is about the commissioners. They’re all a joke, especially Tom Stone. When you call him and expect for him to return your call and he doesn’t, what does that tell you? When they want a vote, they give you all those good smiles and everything else, but to me they’re all a joke, because none of them stand up and do what they say they’re going to do.

Sign of Apocalypse

This week’s sign of the end of the world is the fact that Mike Cacioppo’s name appeared in your headline twice in one week.

Get lost

I’d also like to encourage the rest of the citizens of Eagle County and the taxpayers to join in, write a letter to your commissioners, call Tipsline, write a letter to the editor, and let’s get Michael Cacioppo either sent to Iraq, or somewhere where he can do something other than sue people. I’m surprised that people haven’t come forward and cried about this sooner, about our tax dollars being spent on keeping Mr. Cacioppo’s trash rag alive, and our commissioners paying to do that. I think it’s rather stupid on their part. … I’m sure there’s other things that our tax dollars can do to support Eagle County, like day care. I’m sure that there’s got to be more things the commissioners can do with our money rather than to take care of Mr. Cacioppo. …

Popular guy

Does Mike Cacioppo deserve the front page (April 23)? Cacioppo complains about a lot of things, and a lot of people. I really don’t want to read about Cacioppo’s problems. If you really think his incessant complaints are news, then please relegate them to the back pages. Surely there are more interesting and important things to put on the front page.

He doesn’t lose

After reading the opinions of Kathy Calton and various teachers, parents and apologists regarding 3D, I must respond. To my knowledge, Michael Cacioppo has not lost any of the cases he has brought against our various government agencies. We in society play by the rules, and when these agencies break the rules, the government must be held accountable and responsible – not Michael. Let’s say a person robs a store. Through the diligent efforts of a police officer, the person responsible is caught, tried in court, convicted, and punished. Then I suppose these same malcontents, using their twisted logic, would blame the police officer for the taxpayer’s expenses incurred for the investigation costs, trial costs, and the cost of administering the punishment. Also, using their misguided logic, the police officer should lose his job. The judge in the 3D case has already found that the school district did not follow the rules as set forth in the Colorado Constitution, the district broke the law. The district had ample warning and time to avoid this situation, but chose not to. How much more of your/my money will be spent on this situation? Common sense does not seem to apply. …

You were too nice

Congrats on the guts to speak out about baptizing Holocaust victims. I would not have been so gracious, but then I don’t have to abide by guidelines for what can be said in print. They are … idiots. I am so … tired of all the religious hype over the past decade. Religion-racism is the base cause of most of the misery in the world today. Why can’t people leave each other alone. Is it beyond the grasp of the evilgelical (intended) Christians, and others, that some people are just as happy NOT being part of their intolerant group?… Keep up the good work. Ed Cohen

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