Not all like that hunter who shot dog |

Not all like that hunter who shot dog

Gary Zentz
Eagle, CO, Colorado

In response to Mr. Carnes’ column on the unfortunate dog shooting in Lake Creek: Please don’t classify all hunters as 300-pound rednecks with rifles.

I am so sick and tired of journalists, TV media and armchair conservationists mislabeling hunters the way he did in this commentary. Typical reaction.

This was truly a tragic accident, although the reported reaction of the accused is unacceptable. The people I grew up hunting with ” my grandfather, father, uncle,

cousins and friends ” would never had made this horrible mistake.

The first thing you learn in hunter safety class is to properly identify your target. This “Wisconsin lard,” 300-pound redneck,” “Chubby Cheesehead,” Sarah Palin-voting” individual made a huge and unforgivable mistake. He should be punished, which he will be, lose his hunting rights in this state forever, which I hope happens to him, and pay a huge fine, which I also hope happens.

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A letter of apology to Crowley’s owner would also be appropriate, not that that would erase what happened.

The judge in this case should hit this person with the maximum penalties allowed.

I, too, have hiked and snowshoed in this area for many years, always with a sidearm, as is my right. Whether Mr. Carnes questions that right is his problem. Two million times a year in this country alone, crimes or attack by predators, two-legged or four, are prevented with legally owned firearms.

Whether or not Mr. Jensen felt threatened is highly questionable. I doubt he was. Still not an excuse. He should not have done it.

Still, there is a leash law. However, most dog owners do not, will not, put their dogs on leashes in an area like Lake Creek. I don’t think they should have to, personally.

But the law does exist, probably for a host of reasons. Controlling your dog is the most important one.

I feel horrible for Mr.Perron. This should not have happened. But using words like “slaughter” and stupid name calling won’t change things. Nor does making a rash generalization of a certain group of people. We get the point.

Hunters contribute billions to not only the economy, they are the true protectors of wildlife and at the forefront of conservation efforts.Their dollars every year confirm this. They have for a hundred years or so. The uneducated on these issues are the only ones who don’t already know this.

I think the matter of public opinion has already been settled, Mr. Carnes. Let’s all move on.

Gary Zentz


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