Not convinced that Target would work for Eagle |

Not convinced that Target would work for Eagle

Brandi Resa
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Throughout the meetings regarding this project, it was boasted that people would drive an average of 75 miles away because ERS would offer a unique shopping experience — nothing similar could be found between here and Denver.

Part of the financials consisted of ski visitors traveling to Eagle to empty their pocketbooks for the wonderful shopping. Are we really to believe people are going to drive 75 miles to Target when there are already two Targets (and Wal-Marts) closer?

And if Target will leave Glenwood to come to Eagle, shouldn’t that be a warning sign of things to come in five-10 years if Target gets a better deal? What does that do to the town since the bond payback period is 25 years? Many of their assumptions have to be considered completely wrong with this announcement.

So I will have to respectfully disagree with Paul Witt’s comment that this letter of intent makes this project viable. It only emphasizes there is no way their numbers add up to anything realistic. This signing proves that Eagle deserves so much more than Eagle River Station. No to ERS!

Brandi Resa


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