Not everyone’s moaning about move |

Not everyone’s moaning about move

Don Rogers

There is an alternate view down at the Seasons building of Vail Resorts’ upcoming headquarters move and imprssions of new CEO Rob Katz. One messenger also claiming to be among the Chosen 100 expressed this view:

“Rob could be the Tiger Woods of the ski industry and people would still find fault with him. I personally don’t believe that this office is the heart and soul of the company, having worked at the resort level … . I don’t take offense to that because I know that we play an important role in supporting the people at the mountain who provide the experience to the guest. I think of people like Bill Jensen, Brian McCartney, John Garnsey, Jimmy Roberts, Dee Byrne and others as the heart and soul ” and that’s how it should be.”

The author was responding to a recent blog posting about a letter from an anonymous someone who claimed to be a VR corporate employee and expressed reservations about the move and criticism of Katz.

Here’s what this messenger said: “It’s unfortunate that the letter was written when it was, because the past two days Rob has been doing just what the author asked for ” meeting with employees. He has met with all of the Seasons employees as a group and then with smaller groups all day yesterday. It was a chance to talk about everything that has happened thus far and he was persuading employees to make the move, as opposed to the comment made that he does not wish employees to make the move. He wouldn’t have authorized spending $3.6-$4.5 million to move all of us if he didn’t want us all to come.”

VR’s core is unsettled, sure. But there’s no massive mutiny building here. Some folks don’t like the idea of moving to the city. Some others are eager for the adventure and new challenges.

I wonder how I would react. My career has meant many moves, all over the country. But they all have been choices, and I admit eagerness for all of them. Always tended to see more adventure and potential in moves than dread.

But this is a special place. Boulder holds no appeal for me compared to Eagle County. And being forced, assuming my job was worth keeping, wouldn’t exactly be pleasing.

Still, there are worse places to transfer than the Boulder area. Far worse.

Here’s a bottom liine worth considering: At least these folks have the option. I’m mindful that someone could buy my paper or our company tomorrow and throw certain execs like managing editors right on out the door if they so pleased.

If that happened, who knows? Maybe I’d drop my resume off at the new VR headquarters in Broomfield.

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