Not happy with two out of three commissioners |

Not happy with two out of three commissioners

I am writing to voice my dissatisfaction with the recent action by two of our county commissioners, Gallagher and Menconi. It should be no big surprise to these two county commissioners that they may have lost 400-plus votes from Eagle County employees if they should decide to run for re-election.

Here are some facts why every Eagle County employee and Eagle County taxpayer should not vote for these two commissioners again. Last fall (2002) we were told no cost of living increase for the working county employees in year 2003 because the county just did not have the money. Either we were fed a line of … or we were just plain deceived by the bosses (commissioners).

If you would say Eagle County has 500 hourly employees, which it does not have at present due to the fact that positions have not been filled or have been eliminated in order to save money. Now figure a 3% cost of living increase using the hourly rate of $20 as an average (which is actually high). By inflating these two figures, it makes the final answer even more absurd. Now $20 per hour times 3% equals $.60 multiplied by the 2,080 hours a full-time employee works a year equals $1,248 times 500 employees equals $624,000 total for a 3% increase for all hourly employees.

Now, will someone in the commissioners’ office explain to every county taxpayer where you can find $2 million to buy a millionaire’s ranch located partly in Garfield County when you cannot find enough to give the Eagle County employees a 3% cost of living increase that would have cost less than $624,000?

Something really stinks in this matter and I think everyone knows where the stink is coming from. Maybe it’s time to start our own recall election here in Eagle County.

Harry Hurd


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