Not just a cyclist’s problem |

Not just a cyclist’s problem

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

There’s no room for error on Highway 6 between Edwards and Wolcott.

It’s bad enough that the road there is so narrow that a driver, if forced to avoid something in the road, has little choice but to run over the obstacle, or risk running head-on into a vehicle in the other lane. Cyclists, who have no other option but to squeak along the nonexistent shoulder along the same stretch, are even more vulnerable.

The Colorado Department of Transportation should have widened this stretch of Highway 6 yesterday. Because they haven’t, Eagle County needs to push this relatively small project to the top of CDOT’s to-do list for our valley.

Considering CDOT’s lengthy project list for the entire state ” and complete lack of funds to tackle even half of those projects ” Eagle County should be ready to pony up some dollars of our own to get this project done.

Fact is, few highway projects these days are accomplished on state dollars alone.

This isn’t just a matter of public safety for cyclists; it’s a matter of public safety for everyone who travels along this stretch of road.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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