Not looking for agreement |

Not looking for agreement

The Vail Daily will soon begin publishing our recommendations on this fall’s election ballot. First, some thoughts on what we aim to accomplish. Newspaper endorsements have become more controversial in recent times, after all. And fewer bother with the exercise.

Why do this? Why quickly unmake old and new friends and risk alienating good people who no doubt would do perfectly fine jobs in favor of someone else?

Do we really for a second believe that voters will make their decisions on our say so? And what if we pick losers? Won’t that make the most important part of the community newspaper’s role, covering the news, more difficult? Doesn’t that also just show we’re out of touch if we don’t choose all winners?

Good questions, all. But the wrong ones for us.

We don’t view endorsements as popularity contests, beauty pageants or Keno. We don’t even ask you to agree with us. It may be better if you don’t.

We do want to help as you consider your choices, based on your criteria, your interests and your sense of what’s best for the community at large.

The newspaper has a unique vantage on the valley, its politics and governance. So we believe we do have a responsibility not only to report in the news columns, but also to offer our recommendations here, in the Commentary section. We ask that you take them under consideration, along with your other sources of information and discussion, and out of all that form your own choices.

Our highest aim is that we offer enough insight from our point of view for you to think about why you agree or disagree with our conclusions. Agreement isn’t so important. Our own editorial board has lots of disagreement, and not everyone will follow the collective recommendations that we offer in endorsement editorials.

But we’ve had lots of lively discussion, and with our individual positions challenged, we’ve had to think them through that much more.

That is our highest aim in this risky, controversial practice of making endorsements. That you might think a little harder about your choices, too.

Good luck. Good luck to all of us. May we as a community of voters make the best choices possible this election.

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