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Not quite right

If you are so worried about the truth all the time, why don’t you try finding some out before you run off at the mouth.

OSHA has nothing to do with mining in America. MSHA (Mining Health and Safety Administration) has jurisdiction over mining.

Also, your statement that in 2006 safety in mining has not improved much in the last couple of hundred years is just the kind of ranting and raving that can be expected from someone who hasn’t got a clue as to what he is talking about. Why don’t you stick to subjects you know something about, if there are any.

Dennis Goodspeed


Global warming is a THEORY. Plain and simple. “A Poverty of Reason” by Wilfred Beckerman as well as a “novel” with a lot of factual research and footnotes by Michael Crichton, “State of Fear,” has received surprisingly little press.

While some dude with a cool hat and beard that makes him look environmentally concerned can get into print in your paper and make statements that are not supported by scientific fact in any measure. I chuckle at the people who measure glaciers here in the continental U.S. To me that is like watching an ice cube that has ended up on the floor at the door of the freezer melt. If you stare at your navel enough you start to believe that the universe revolves around that one area. The ice in the world is stored at both ends of the globe; a few small ice cubes are in populated areas where people can “study'” them and make leaps in reason that given any amount of scrutiny can be considered ridiculous. It would benefit your readers to do a story with the two books mentioned above, as a basis, and show a contrary view to the “accepted” view that is full of holes in reason and facts.

Thank you,

Chip Domke


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I am quite disappointed with the “irresponsibility” of Ms. Lich’s article, as she did not have the facts correct and was the only one “pointing fingers” at others. The two incidents, which she refers to in her article, are totally unrelated and she is the only one to link them. There were only two players suspended, not three; there were no open containers in the car and the players were not the ones driving the car. The teens and their parents have taken responsibility for their actions and have been suspended according to the rules of the Eagle County School District and the Colorado High School Activities Association … The team has been very successful since the suspension and are very capable of playing well and they look forward to their teammates returning to the team …

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