Not singing da blues |

Not singing da blues

President Fritze

Former Eagle County Attorney Jim Fritze is the new president of the National Association of County Civil Attorneys. They meet this week in

Washington, D.C. Jim headed southwest a few years ago, for the warmer climes of Montrose County. The National Association of County Civil

Attorneys is an organization for lawyers who represent counties. Fritze was elected to a two-year term as president. Fritze has served as Montrose County Attorney since February of 2002. Prior to his service with Montrose County, Fritze worked for Eagle County were he served as county attorney and county manager, Fritze also served as state’s attorney for Iroquois County, Ill. He is also a former president of the Colorado County Attorney’s Association and former chairman of the Colorado Aeronautical Board.

Heads up parkers

Just a warning for all people who park at the Spraddle Creek/10th Mountain Division parking lot on the north side of Interstate 70 in Vail. Nicky and Paul had their cars broken into Wednesday, and a lot of valuable stuff stolen from it. It was parked there from 6:40 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. while they were at work. If anyone saw anyone looking suspicious in the area, or has any information on the scumbucket who did it, call Paul at 331-5938, Nicky at 479-3140 or the Vail Police at 479-2200.

Early entrance for kindergarten

Kids whose birthdays fall after Sept. 1 can be evaluated for early entrance into kindergarten. The school district is doing it, and the entire procedure costs $220. It’s your responsibiity to pony up the money. Call Nancy Allen or Mary Ward at 328-2910 to request an Early Entrance Waiver form. Mary and Nancy will explain what happens after that, and how much it all costs.

Snowboard scum alert

Celeste called to declare to the world that the low-life who stole her Burton Custom Snowboard 154 from outside her condo has no reason to exist. It was about 5 p.m. and she walked inside to change. When she walked back outside, it was gone. Call 748-4656. It was stolen from M Building, Sunridge, Phase II. You left the tele skis.

Party before and after

Today, this very day, Club Chelsea is hosting a Leftover Salmon After Party with the Young Blood Brass Band, It runs until 4 a.m. There’s a pre-party party with members of Leftover Salmon will be there signing autographs and giving away CDs.

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