Not so large as imagined |

Not so large as imagined

Don Rogers

You know, that giant flag isn’t all that giant, when you look at it.Don’t misunderstand. Our view, shared by a good many, is that the placement and size of the display in the big box parking lot, of all places, is over-the-top too much. It’s an intrusion into the neighborhoods in the area. But if not quite everyone “loves the flag,” as Magnus Lindholm promised with a wag of the finger recently in the impotent Avon Town Council chambers, it is pretty. And it looks a lot smaller, more the pennant than a big top, than the perhaps over-engineered purple-looking blue pole had suggested before 30 veterans wrestled the flag up to the top against a stiff breeze last Saturday.Oh, it’s still ridiculous, and a martial statement when maybe the values better celebrated – and honored – are the more democratic ones. Like considering the neighbors.But as it turns out, the flag size was not all that ridiculous. And, it is pretty.Bair deal doneGo ahead, gnash your teeth if you must. Your children and grandchildren are far more likely to thank those awful open-space proponents who finally managed to purchase the future development rights to the 4,800-acre at the head of scenic Glenwood Canyon in the generations hence.Closing came Wednesday. Eagle County still has nearly a million dollars left in the open space fund this year, soon enough to be replenished to the tune of $3 million next year. You don’t have to like it, but preserving Bair as a working ranch is a whale of a bang for the county buck. The county has and will have plenty of ability to help spare more tracts from subdivisions. A good next target is the Vassar-Avon deal. Good luck. D.R.

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