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Pam Boyd

A number of Eagle County School District teachers have reported receiving a survey mailed to their home addresses seeking input regarding the district’s Teacher Advancement Program.

Eagle County School District is not involved with this survey. The survey is being conducted by a group called The Committee for School District Accountability. We have no knowledge of this group and cannot comment on who comprises its membership.

This group is not affiliated with the District Accountability Advisory Committee (DAAC) or any specific school accountability advisory committee (SAAC). The DAAC is a state-mandated committee that includes representation from all district schools and delivers regular reports to the Eagle County School District Board of Education. The survey was not initiated by the DAAC or any SAAC.

Because the district was not involved in the development or distribution of this survey, we do not know how the group involved plans to compile or distribute the data collected. This survey will not replace any surveys the district is planning for this spring and we are developing a districtwide climate survey to be conducted by an independent contractor.

When this survey effort is ready, we will clearly identify that it is from Eagle County School District and we will distribute it to all employees. Many district employees have expressed concerns that surveys from an outside group were delivered to teachers’ home addresses.

The district did not provide the teacher home addresses information. It is against district policy to provide employees’ personal information to groups from outside the district.

Pam Boyd



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