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Not working for VR

Im writing in reference to your article about Vail Resorts evolved kids ski lessons prices. Lets face it! Prices are going up on just about everything, however VR is again manipulating their power in this valley. I have lived here for 14 years and have worked up to three jobs at once and thankfully avoided working for the man at Vail Resorts. Now, because VR was not aggressive enough in their lobby for J-1 employees for the resort industry, they are trying to encourage overworked parents to work as very limited part-time employees on the mountain in exchange for discounted ski lessons for their children. What a bunch of ?&%^! So the day we put our kids in ski school we are supposed to work on the mountain handing out maps? Why not get innovative with recruiting instead of trying to manipulate locals into working for your company. Shame on you, Vail Resorts! Whats difference between a VR employee and a working mom? About 128 hours of work (round the clock) and in my case, lipstick!Thanks but no thanks!

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