Nothing covers up the pink |

Nothing covers up the pink

Cassie Pence

VAIL – Ah, the sounds of Pink Floyd. Anyone who has owned a black light or has known someone who has owned a black light has hung out, tuned in, drifted off to sleep, courted the opposite sex or stared for hours at a multi-graphic poster to the tunes of Pink Floyd.Tonight at the Sandbar Sports Grill in West Vail, Sons of Nothing will stir the Pink Floyd memory pot as they pay tribute to the classic space-rock band started by Syd Barrett and later taken over by Roger Waters.

Although a few of the members of Sons Of Nothing weren’t even alive when Pink Floyd’s career began, like most youth who are interested in music, Floyd’s sounds helped nurture them. First, the band just played the occasional Floyd cover tune, but by the summer of 2002, Sons Of Nothing’s concerts transformed into a full-fledged tribute show, outgrowing what the band was already doing, which was their original songs.”The thing we like about Pink Floyd is it allows us to retain our identity as a band,” said frontman Thom Bowers. “The band (members) were never sex symbols, they were never rock stars. Most people if you ask probably couldn’t even name all the members of the band. To do a tribute to them we don’t have to be up on stage impersonating the band. All we have to do is play the music to the best of our ability. It allows us to be ourselves on stage while still playing this great music, and have a good time doing it.”

Bowers, bass, Tim Hollinger, guitarist, Matt Meldrum, keys, and Greg Thomas, drums, form the core of the band. When it pays tribute to Floyd, the band uses additional musicians John Flanders, saxophone, Eric Litovsky, keys, and Juli Holt, vocals, along with a mesmerizing light and video production, quadrophonic sound and other theatrical goodies, to create the most Floydian experience possible.The band’s Floyd show runs the gamut of the space-rock band’s career, performing early psychedelic jams to complete performances to multi-platinum classics like “Dark Side of the Moon.”

Sons of Nothing is currently working on a third collection of original material, focusing on songwriting. Arts and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 618, or

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