Nothing’s wrong with Colorado! |

Nothing’s wrong with Colorado!

Matt Zalaznick

Six Colorado lawmakers kept their cool in the capitol. The Judiciary Committee of the state House of Representatives rejected a bid to put a same-sex marriage ban on the ballot. By a 6-5, party-line vote, the state Constitution was kept out of a part of Coloradans’ personal lives in which it has no business interfering. Did the vote cause any couples the littlest bit of marital strife? Did the vote cause a wave of divorces from Sterling to Nederland to Cortez? How curious – these six Democrats managed to avoid state-sanctioned discrimination without threatening a single sacred Colorado marriage. Somehow, they did the right thing without doing any damage. We still don’t understand how, by any stretch of even the most traditional imagination, the union of a gay or lesbian couple harms anyone. But we realize the rancor that’s out there and that had the ban made it on the ballot, and it might even have passed, as same-sex marriage has been outlawed in dozens of other states, including right next door and most recently in Kansas. But nothing’s the matter with Colorado. Our laws are remaining free from the taint of discrimination, right? Well, no. State law is supposed to protect people from criminals; animals from extinction; landowners from not getting the most of their property; businesses from stifling regulation; everyone from drunken drivers. But no one needs protection from gay couples. It’s the gay couples who need protection. State law has banned same-sex marriage since Gov. Bill Owens signed a defense of marriage act in 2000. In many parts of the state, homosexuals and lesbians aren’t even protected from losing their jobs specifically because of their slandered lifestyles. Surely, people like James Dobson of Focus on the Family and state Rep. Kevin Lundberg, a Front Range Republican supporter of the constitutional ban, have nothing to fear from Colorado’s gay men and women. Religion rears its head in this debate, and the Dobsons and Lundbergs of the world will continue to dodge the real discussion by accusing opponents of marriage bans of being anti-Christian or against “people of faith.”Those who support the rights of lesbians and homosexuals are not against religion. Some of them are even rabbis and members of the clergy. What they are against is the shariah-zation of American law: The imposition, on a country that’s more and more multicultural every few seconds, of a legal regime based rigidly on a single group’s beliefs. This is the type of regime our soldiers are fighting to drive out of the Middle East and Asia. Vail, Colorado

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