Nottingham Lake in Avon leaking |

Nottingham Lake in Avon leaking

Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

AVON, Colorado – Harry A. Nottingham Lake has a leak for the second time in two years. In July, town of Avon engineers discovered that the lake was draining at a faster rate than normal and concluded that there is a hole in the lake lining

It is yet to be determined where the hole in the lining is located.–

Since the lake water is used for irrigation, the town had to wait until after September when irrigation is suspended to let the water levels decrease enough to locate the hole in the lining. This week, water levels are down 5 feet, and will continue declining until the hole is discovered. Engineers will allow the water level to stabilize after the hole is found, hopefully in time for ice to form in December.

Questions about the Nottingham Lake water levels can be directed to Justin Hildreth at 970-748-4045 or at

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