Nottingham Lake to close this winter |

Nottingham Lake to close this winter

AVON, Colorado – The area’s deep drought has claimed another casualty: winter skating on Avon’s Nottingham Lake.

The 15-acre lake has been leaking for some time, thanks to a hole in its plastic liner. On the other hand, the town has gotten full use, and then some, from the liner, which was originally installed when the lake was built in 1979. According to a memo to the Avon Town Council from town engineer Justin Hildreth, lake liners generally last about 20 years.

Town officials had originally planned to drain the lake and replace the liner next fall. However, low flows on the Eagle River and Buck Creek mean the water levels in the lake can’t be stabilized for the winter season, which means the town won’t be able to maintain a safe ice surface, so the winter skating program has been canceled.

Since the lake can’t be used this winter, town staff members are recommending draining the lake over the season, so the liner can be replaced in the spring.

“If the weather cooperates next spring, construction should be completed by June and the lake can be refilled with the spring runoff for the summer season,” Hildreth’s memo states.

The town has already budgeted the $1.25 million estimated cost of replacing the liner, and is in the process of hiring a design firm to ready the construction documents for the project. The project will be bid out in February of next year, and construction could start in April.

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