Nova Guides permit renewal comment period extended |

Nova Guides permit renewal comment period extended

Cliff Thompson Daily Staff Writer

The U.S. Forest Service has extended until March 1 the public comment period on a five-year special use permit for Nova Guides.

The extension was made by the agency because respondents complained they did not have adequate time to comment. The initial notice of the review was made public Dec. 29 with a Feb. 1 deadline for comment.

“In order to raise all the issues necessary to begin the environmental analysis, and based on the level of interest expressed by the public, it is my recommendation that we extend the comment period to March 1,” said Holy Cross District Ranger Cal Wettstein.

Minturn-based Nova Guides has applied for a renewal and expansion of its special use permit to operate snowmobile, jeep and all-terrain vehicle tours. The renewal also seeks to increase the number of those tours, as is typical in a five-year permit renewal, said Dave Van Norman, assistant district ranger.

The biggest increase sought by the outfitter is 9,000 additional snowmobile days at Camp Hale, where it now has a snowmobile operation with 1,000 days. Nova Guides also wants shift the focus of its snowmobile business from Tigiwon Road to Camp Hale. It wants to decrease use at Tigiwon by 1,900 to 6,500 days, the permit states.

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The new use at Camp Hale, when spread out over the 125 day winter season, will amount to about 80 more people per day, said Van Norman.

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Deadline for written comments on Nova Guides’ permit renewal is Feb. 1. Comments may be mailed to the Holy Cross District Ranger; P.O. Box 190, Minturn, CO, 81645. If you have questions, call Dave Van Norman, 827-5715.

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