November snow heavier than average |

November snow heavier than average

Cliff Thompson

If November seemed a little snowier than normal, it was. One thing it wasn’t was colder.

Temperature and precipitation readings taken by Avon weatherwatcher Frank Doll show 19.3 inches of snow fell last month, 2.1 inches more than the 20 year average. Moisture for the month totalled 2.25 inches.

Surprisingly, November’s average daily temperature – 31.3 – was a tad warmer than the 20 year average of 29.2. The difference between the month’s highest and lowest temperatures provided a 56 degree swing. It was 55 degrees Nov. 13 and -1 on the 22nd. The average warm temperature was 40.5 and average cold, 22.1.

Doll has been taking temperature and precipitation readings in his back yard in Avon for the last 32 years.

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