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Now showing at Crossroads CinemaPRIME Cast: Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep “Prime” is a character comedy set in New York about Rafi (Uma Thurman), a recently divorced 37-year-old career woman from Manhattan, and what happens when Dave (Bryan Greenberg), a talented 23-year-old painter from Brooklyn, falls in love with her. “Prime” looks at love from everyone’s point of view – friends, relatives and in this case, Rafi’s therapist (Meryl Streep) – and follows who who come apart, and some who pull it together, when two people fall in love. Rated PG-13 A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris, Maria Bello, William Hurt “A History of Violence” stars Viggo Mortensen as a pillar of a small town community who runs a diner and lives a happy and quiet life with his wife (Maria Bello) and two children. But their lives are forever changed when Mortensen thwarts an attempted robbery and is lauded as a hero by the media, attracting the attention of some mobsters (william Hurt and Ed Harris) who believe he is someone else. Rated R Now Showing at Cascade Village Theatre JARHEAD Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx, Peter Sarsgaard, Lucas Black, Chris Cooper “Jarhead” follows “Swoff” (Jake Gyllenhaal), a third-generation enlistee, from a sobering stint in boot camp to active duty, sporting a sniper’s rifle and a hundred-pound ruck on his back through Middle East deserts with no cover from intolerable heat or from Iraqi soldiers. Swoff and his fellow Marines sustain themselves with sardonic humanity and wicked comedy on blazing desert fields in a country they don’t understand against an enemy they can’t see for a cause they don’t fully fathom. Jamie Foxx portrays Sergeant Sykes, a Marine lifer who heads up Swofford’s scout/sniper platoon, while Peter Sarsgaard is Swoff’s friend and mentor, Troy, a die-hard member of STA – their elite Marine Unit. An irreverent and true account of a war that was antiseptically packaged a decade ago, “Jarhead” is laced with dark wit, honest inquisition and episodes that are at once surreal and poignant, tragic and absurd. Rated R THE GREATEST GAME EVER PLAYED Cast: Shia LaBeouf From the studio that brought you “The Rookie” and “Miracle” and director Bill Paxton, comes a story of courage, passion and of the greatest American sports hero you have probably never heard of. An amateur player from a working class family, Francis Ouimet shocked the golf world when at the 1913 U.S. Open, flanked by his 10-year-old caddie, he defeated his idol, the defending British champion Harry Vardon. An unlikely match-up – “the ingenue versus the seasoned champ” – theirs was the greatest match the sport had ever known. Caught between a world of hardship and a beckoning life of privilege, Francis needed to prove his unfailing will and ability to make it to the tournament. He is aided by Sarah Wallis, the beautiful young woman, who catches his heart, and Eddie Lowery, the pint-sized caddie who helps him find his way through the troublesome fairways to victory. Rated PG Now showing at Riverwalk Theatre CHICKEN LITTLE Voices: Zack Braff, Garry Marshall, Joan Cusack, Steve Zahn, Fred Willard This epic tale presents a new twist on the classic fable of a young chicken who causes widespread panic when he mistakes a falling acorn for a piece of the sky. In this adventure, Chicken Little is determined to restore his reputation. But just as things are starting to go his way, a real piece of the sky lands on his head! Suspense, chaos and plenty of laughs ensue as Chicken Little and his band of misfit friends, Abby Mallard (a.k.a. Ugly Duckling), Runt of the Litter and Fish Out of Water, attempt to save the world without sending the town into a whole new panic. This time, when it comes to saving the world, it helps to be a little chicken. Rated G DREAMER: INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY Cast: Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Luis Guzman, Kris Kristofferson Ben Crane (Kurt Russell) was once a great horseman, whose gifts as a trainer were now being wasted on making other men’s fortunes. Sonador – called Sonya — was a great horse whose promising future on the racetrack was suddenly cut short by a career-ending broken leg. Considered as good as dead to her owner, who also happens to be Ben’s boss, Sonya is given to Ben as severance pay, along with his walking papers. Now, it will take the unwavering faith and determination of Ben’s young daughter, Cale (Dakota Fanning), to bring these two damaged souls together in a quest for a seemingly impossible goal: to win the Bredders’ Cup Classic. Rated PG THE WEATHER MAN Cast: Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine, Hope Davis Popular Chicago weatherman, Dave Spitz (Nicolas Cage) has a shot at the big time when a national morning television show calls him for an audition. Professionally, Spitz is on top of the world, but his personal life is in complete disarray. His painful divorce, his dad’s illness and trouble with his kids have him poised on the knife’s edge between stability and disaster. The harder he tries to control events, the more he finds life, like the weather, is completely unpredictable. Rated R SAW II While investigating the bloody aftermath of a grizzly murder, Detective Eric Mason (Donnie Wahlberg) has the feeling that it is the work of Jigsaw, the notorious killer who disappeared leaving a trail of bodies – and parts – behind. And Mason is right. Jigsaw is at work again. But instead of two people locked in a room with only one unthinkable way out, there are eight. Eight strangers – unaware of their connection to each other – forced to play out a game that challenges their wits and puts their lives in jeopardy. Rated R IN HER SHOES Cast: Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, Shirley MacLaine Two motherless sisters with a history of conflict break off relations when the more carefree and irresponsible one sleeps with her sibling’s boyfriend. They eventually reconcile with the help of a grandmother they never knew they had. An event movie for every woman who’s ever had or been a mother, sister, daughter, grandmother or friend. Rated PG-13 (for thematic material, language and some sexual content)Now showing at Capitol Theatre CHICKEN LITTLE Rated G BROKEN FLOWERS Cast: Bill Murray, Jeffrey Wright, Sharon Stone, Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange, Tilda Swinton, Julie Delpy; written and directed by Jim JarmuschBill Murray stars as Don Johnston who has just been dumped by his lover (July Delpy), thus ending the latest in a lifelong series of liaisons with beautiful women – none of whom Don has been able to make a commitment to. But Don is suddenly compelled to reflect on his past loves when he receives a mysterious unsigned letter informing him that he has a 19-year-old son who is now looking for him. Urged on by his neighbor and closest friend (Jeffrey Wright), and amateur sleuth, Don embarks on a cross-country trek looking for clues from each of the unique women (Sharon Stone, Frances Conroy and Tilda Swinton) of his past. Rated R (for language, some graphic nudity and brief drug use)NORTH COUNTRY Cast: Charlize Theron, Sissy Spaceck, Francis McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sean Bean When Josey Aimes (Charlize Theron) returns to her hometown in Northern Minnesota after a failed marriage, she needs a good job. A single mother with two children to support, she turns to the predominant source of employment in the region – the iron mines. It’s an industry long dominated by men, in a place unaccustomed to change. Encouraged by her old friend Glory (Frances McDormand), one of the few female miners in town, Josey joins the ranks of those laboring to blast ore from rock in the gaping quarries. She is prepared for the back-breaking and often dangerous work, but coping with the harassment she and the other female miners encounter from their male coworkers proves far more challenging. Rated R ELIZABETHTOWN Cast: Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin Written and directed by Cameron Crowe A love letter to the resilience of the life force, “Elizabethtown” is a story of an unexpected romance that develops against the backdrop of a Kentucky patriarch’s hilariously elaborate memorial. Rated PG-13 THE FOG In the small town of Antonio Bay, a terrifying and malevolent force hidden within a thick and eerie fog terrorizes its residents. Shrouded by the fog lies a ghastly secret of merciless revenge, one that the town inhabitants would do well to unravel before it’s too late. Rated PG-13 (for violence, disturbing images and brief sexuality)For movie times, check, Colorado

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