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Cast: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Juliette Lewis, Vince Vaughn, Snoop Dogg

In “Starsky & Hutch,” the origins of the charismatic crime-fighting duo of David Starsky and Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson are explored when these undercover Bay City detectives are partnered for their very first assignment. Ben Stiller plays the tightly wound Detective David Starsky who is thrown together with Owen Wilson’s easygoing Detective Ken Hutchinson on a high-stakes case. Platinum-selling rapper and actor Snoop Dogg plays their savvy street informant Huggy Bear. Vince Vaughn also joins the cast as Reese Feldman, a smooth-talking entrepreneur with an eye toward the future. Rated PG-13 (for drug content, sexual situations, partial nudity, language and some violence)


Cast: Charlize Theron, Christina Ricci, Bruce Dern

Aileen Wuornos (Theron) had a difficult and cruel childhood plagued by abuse and drug use in Michigan, becoming a prostitute – and pregnant – by the age of 13. Wuornos eventually moved to Florida where she became a highway prostitute, servicing the desires of semi-truck drivers. This movie focuses on the nine-month period in 1989 and 1990 during which she had a lesbian relationship with a woman named Selby (Ricci), and during which she also began murdering any of her clientele who tried to rape her. Charlize Theron won this year’s Best Actress Academy Award for her role in “Monster.” Rated R (for strong violence and sexual content, and for pervasive language)


Cast: Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, Amanda Peet, Francis McDormand, Jon Favreau

Harry Sanborn (Nicholson) is a perennial playboy with a libido much younger than his years. During what was to have been a romantic weekend with his latest infatuation, Marin (Peet), at her mother’s Hamptons beach house, Harry develops chest pains. He winds up being nursed by Marin’s reluctant mother, Erica Barry (Keaton) – a successful, divorced New York playwright. In the process, Harry develops more heart pangs – the romantic kind – for Erica, an age-appropriate woman whom he finds beguiling. However, some habits die hard. When Harry hesitates, his charming thirty-something doctor (Reeves) steps in and starts to pursue Erica. And Harry, who has always had the world on a string, finds his life unraveling. Diane Keaton was nominated for the Best Actress Academy Award. Rated PG-13 (for sexual content, brief nudity and strong language) (for sexual content, brief nudity and strong language)

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Cast: James Caviezel, Maia Mergenstern, Monica Bellucci

A film about the last 12 hours of Jesus of Nazareth’s life. The film opens in the Garden of Olives (Gethsemane) where Jesus has gone to pray after the Last Supper. Jesus resists Satan’s temptations. Betrayed by Judas Iscariot, Jesus is arrested and taken back within the city walls of Jerusalem where the religious leaders confront him with accusations of blasphemy and his trial results in a condemnation to death. Presented in Latin and Aramaic with English subtitles. Rated R (for sequences of graphic violence)


Adopted by his grandmother, Madame Souza, Champion is a lonely little boy. Noticing that this lad is never happier than on a bicycle, Madame Souza puts him through a rigorous training process. Years go by, and Champion becomes worthy of his name. Now he’s ready to enter the world-famous cycling race, the Tour de France. However, during this cycling contest two mysterious men in black kidnap Champion. Madame Souza and her faithful dog Bruno set out to rescue him. Their quest takes them across the ocean to a giant megalopolis called Bellevelle where they encounter the renowned “Triplets of Belleville,” three eccentric female music-hall stars from the ’30s who decide to take Madame Souza and Bruno under their wing. Nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature. As indicated by the rating, this film is directed more toward an adult audience than children. Rated PG-13 (for images involving sensuality, violence and crude humor)

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Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif

An unbelievable true story comes to life when the greatest rider the American West has ever known is pitted against the world’s finest Arabian horses and racers. Onetime cowboy Frank T. Hopkins (Mortensen) was once billed as a living legend, but in fact the glory days for Hopkins and his horse, a mustang named Hidalgo, are long past. Outcasts from their own land, Frank and Hidalgo both have something to prove when Hopkins becomes the first American invited to enter the Ocean of Fire, a grueling 3,000-mile survival race across punishing terrain of the Arabian Desert. Rated PG-13 (for adventure violence and some mild innuendo)


Cast: Johnny Depp, John Turturro, Maria Bello, Timothy Hutton, Charles S. Dutton, Len Cariou

“Secret Window” is about a writer (Depp) going through a painful divorce, who is stalked by a psychotic stranger (Turturro) who claims the writer stole his story. To force the writer to make amends, the stranger will go to any lengths, including murder. Base on the novella “Secret Window, Secret Garden” by Stephen King. Rated PG-13 (for violence/terror, sexual content and language)


Cast: Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz returns as a super-cool spy in “Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London.” A rogue CIA agent (and Cody’s own trainer) has stolen a top secret mind-control device, and Cody has to go undercover in London to get it back. Posing as a student at an elite music boarding school, Cody has to keep other kids from discovering his true identity while infiltrating covert hideouts, tracking its target – and practicing the violin. With all-new gadgets, high-flying comedy, a wisecracking new handler (Anderson), and a hip British Secret Service counterpart (Spearritt), Cody has to fight the toughest enemy possible – the very man who taught him everything he knows. Rated PG (for action violence and some crude humor)


Cast: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Sean Astin, Rob Schneider, Dan Aykroyd

In this romantic comedy, love means never having to say, “Who the hell are you?” Marine biologist Henry Roth (Sandler) finds the perfect woman, Lucy Whitmore (Barrymore), and falls head over heels for her. But when he sees her the following day, she hasn’t a clue as to who he is. Lucy suffers from a rare brain disorder that wipes her memory clean every night. Now, with the help of his friend Ula (Schneider), Henry has to concoct new and increasingly clever ways to meet her and get her to fall for him every day. Rated PG-13 (for crude sexual humor and drug references)


Cast: Kurt Russell, Eddie Cahill, Patricia Clarkson

In 1980, the United States ice hockey team needed a miracle. Coach Herb Brooks (Russell) was charged with taking his ragtag squad to the Olympic Games at Lake Placid, but even the encouraging coach wasn’t sure what his boys could do against the storied teams from the Eastern Bloc countries and the juggernaut from the Soviet Union. Despite the long odds, Team USA carried the pride of a nation yearning for a distraction from world events and rose to the occasion in one of the most thrilling moments in the country’s sports history, prompting broadcaster Al Michaels’ now-famous question to the millions viewing at home: “Do you believe in miracles?” “Miracle” captures a time and place where differences could be settled by games and a cold war could be put on ice. Rated PG (for language and some rough sports action)

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This documentary is built around over 20 hours of interviews that director Errol Morris conducted with Robert McNamara (1916-), which is supplemented by archival footage and supplementary interviews. Robert McNamara was the Secretary of Defense during both the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson presidential administrations, and as such was a key figure in the Vietnam War. McNamara went on to become president of the World Bank (1968-1981) where his global influence continued. This documentary covers McNamara’s entire life, but the topic covered most in the conversations with McNamara is the Vietnam War. “The Fog of War” won this year’s Academy Award for Best Documentary. Rated PG-13 (for images and thematic issues of war and destruction)


Cast: Ashley Judd, Samuel L. Jackson, Andy Garcia

Newly-promoted police detective Jessica Shepard (Judd) is after a serial killer with a penchant for murdering men she has recently dated. But things get even more complicated when Jessica begins blacking out right before each murder, leading her partner, Mike Delmonico (Garcia), and the police commissioner (Jackson) to believe she is the prime suspect. Rated R (for violence, language and sexuality)

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