Now will they build it? |

Now will they build it?

Don Rogers

And so it came to be this week that yet another study of whether a conference center would work in Vail (um, yes) showed that while there’s risk – as in all things in life – the outlook for success is good to great, we think leaning toward great.

Of course, the people already digested previous studies and narrowly approved funding for building such a center a couple of years ago now. An irony was folks who complain often about consultants and studies instead of action in Vail pushed for yet another one on the conference center. The conclusions fell in line with what we’ve heard in the past: Build it. The people will come. Hell, the people asked for this to be built. Enough already with the foot dragging.

Yes, the devil is in the details, and the latest committee moving the conference center forward seems to have paid great attention, especially so with the wise inclusion of skeptics on the committee.

So now Vail has another fat report and the opportunity to set up the bond sales to raise the money for construction.

It’s time, well past time, to move forward.

His day in court

There must be some interest on the state Supreme Court in Michael Cacioppo’s TABOR-based legal argument against the Eagle County School District’s ballot issue asking voters to support a pay increase for district staff as part of a recalculated cost of living mechanism in the district’s funding.

The justices wouldn’t entertain oral arguments on the case April 19 in Denver. What a stage for taxpayer advocate and Speakout! publisher Michael Cacioppo.

Count this as a coup for Cacioppo, who relishes his time in courtrooms arguing on behalf of a cause. Clearly, this court takes him seriously.


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