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Now you see it

BEAVER CREEK – The Vilar Center is doing six shows in four days, and three are illusionist Jason Bishop. You already missed one. Don’t make that mistake again.

Bishop plays two more shows today, a two-hour ride through dozens of new illusions, or standards with a new twist.

“I like to do illusions that you haven’t seen,” Bishop told the packed audience, then made an egg pop into and out of an LCD screen.

The illusions range from titanic to tiny.

You can see him. You can see his hands. You can see the LCD screens all over the Vilar showing him and his hands, and you still don’t see how he did it.

But not knowing is half the fun. Bishop’s all-ages show is also hilarious.

There’s the lovely and talented Kim crammed into a tiny box with an LCD screen on the front. He claps his hands, pulls back the door and she’s wearing different clothes. They did this three times. Part of the amazement is how Kim changed clothes that fast and not one hair was out of place.

“That’s my favorite TV show,” Bishop joked.

He shrinks the box in which Kim is stuffed, then stabs huge swords through it. Kim, of course, emerges unstabbed and resplendent in a different flattering outfit.

He makes a goldfish swim out of an iPod screen.

He tosses a Rubic’s cube into the air and it’s solved when he catches it. C’mon, you’ve never even seen a Rubic’s cube solved before, and certainly not like that.

Bishop’s show is all part of the Vilar’s two-week stretch of family entertainment featuring singer David Archuleta, pianist George Winston, Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol,” jugglers, rock bands, illusionist Bishop, and ends Friday with The Commodores.

“It’s a special time of year and the resort is full of families,” said Larry Matthews with the Vilar Center.

As for Bishop’s ending, he didn’t give it away and neither will we. You’ll have to see it for yourself.

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