Nowhere else for 2009 |

Nowhere else for 2009

Don Rogers

The 2009 World Ski Championship (candidate) flags are waving through the Avon roundabouts and the Vail Valley Foundation’s exquisite pamphlet makes the case in English, French and German, like one of those globalized products with instructions in several languages.

The message is clear: Well, of course, the championships must come to Vail-Beaver Creek in 2009, to fit the cycle that began in 1989 and last visited in 1999.

The timing with today and this weekend’s World Cup circuit stop is just right, and it can’t hurt that Beaver Creek is playing quick sub for Val d’Isere, France, where the snow isn’t cooperating this week. Val d’Isere is one of our competitors for the 2009 event.

There are some great selling points for Vail-Beaver Creek besides the symmetry of the year 2009: Experience putting on the championships, as well as hosting other top events. Among the very best race courses in the world. Among the top, too, are the people who run the races hands-on and the organizing committee in place to make sure the 2009 championships run smoothly and well.

Sounds like a slam dunk to us, though perhaps we are just a tad biased here. Let’s put it another way: The folks deciding where to stage the world championships could not go wrong choosing the Vail Valley.

The foundation also makes the point in its pamphlet that this part of this country has always been warm to visitors from around the world. Oh, and there’s that small matter of the need to branch out a bit more from Europe. It will be about time again for North America to welcome the world of skiing, and no place plays the host better than here.

What would really rock would be for Vail and Beaver Creek to land the freestyle skiing and snowboard world championships at the same time, as well.

What a triple crown for snow sports and America that would be. Even Americans would flock to that.

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