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Nozawa Sushi and Asian Kitchen

Cassie Pence

Holiday Inn (Apex Lodge),West Vail


The Food

Nozawa’s restaurant philosophy is simple: “Good food, good service, people very happy,” says co-owner George Yuan. After 15 years in the business, he knows just what makes diners satisfied, too ” variety. Nozawa serves food from a variety of Asian countries. Try the spicy and smooth Panang Curry from Thailand or Nozawa’s famous Sesame Chicken from China. But the eatery’s true claim to fame is its sushi from Japan, of course. Whatever your pleasure, sashimi or roll, the menu is extensive and creative.

The Drinks

Nozawa boasts a full bar, wine and beer selection, but sake is what comes to mind when dining on Asian treats. Try the “Dreamy Cloud” (Ama No To), an unfiltered cold sake that’s both dry and faintly fruity. It’s served in a clear carafe with a built in blue bubble to hold ice. Reminiscent of the sky itself, the device keeps the sake cool, but if you drink it as Yuan suggests ” in one large gulp ” there’s not much need for ice, anyway.

Gotta Try

The Tiger Roll is a specialty item. It mixes tempura shrimp, spicy tuna and cucumber for a crunchy and refreshing bite. The tempura fried bananas served with rice-paper-wrapped strawberry and green tea ice cream bites. The rice paper is an unusual but tasty shell for the creamy flavors.


Nozawa loves locals, and it’s evident in the Bento lunch special. For $7.50, diners munch on assorted tempura veggies, California roll and steamed rice with a choice of tofu, chicken, beef or pork entree prepared in a range of styles including curry, stir fry, Mongolian or teriyaki. Also ask about the lunch punch card. It might just earn you a free meal.

Vail, Colorado

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