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Nozawa Sushi & Asian Kitchen

BY DOMINQUE TAYLORAt Nozawa, sushis served by the boat-load. Literally.

With appetizer and entree items from China, Thailand and Japan, Nozawa is much more than a sushi restaurant. While owner George Yuan prepares sushi behind the glass bar for revelers to watch in admiration, the chefs in the kitchen are hard at work, too. The pan grilled pork pot stickers are served with a chili, garlic and soy dipping sauce that compliments the crispy, golden pockets. Try the Thai Beef Garlic Basil Stir Fry, the spicy, fragrant dish is loaded with fresh basil leaves and plenty of vegetables. The assorted seafood is loaded with large, rosy-hued chunks of crab, pink shrimp and tender scallops lying on a bed of stir fried vegetables.

The sushi boats delivered to Nozawa customers hold colorful specialty rolls and tender pieces of sashimi that look nearly to nice to eat almost. The Nozawa roll is not only the house-named roll, its visually stunning and quite tasty with alternating pieces of pink shrimp, deep red tuna and bright green avocado topping it. Dont skip the Shredder Roll likely the tastiest roll on the menu. Freshwater eel, crab meat, cream cheese, avocado and masago literally melt in your mouth since the roll is tempura fried just moments before arriving table-side.

While some diners chose to sip one of the Asian beer offerings like Sapporo with dinner, youd be remiss to skip the sake offerings entirely.Shelves filled with sake and other liquor bottles line the bar wall. For cold sake try the Dreamy Clouds sake. Evident by its milky white color, the dry, yet fruity sake is unfiltered and is traditionally downed in a single gulp. If you like your sake warm, sip on the Purple Haze sake, which features a touch of Chambord, a raspberry liquor.

A bite of the white tuna, called ono, is delicate and almost sweet. Its the newest item on the sushi menu and it shouldnt be skipped. In the mood for dessert? The mochi bon bons have a mashmallow-tasting outside that conceals vanilla, strawberry and green tea ice cream.

Locals know to keep a close eye on Nozawas newspaper ad sometimes the eatery offers as much as 50 percent off sushi rolls during happy hour. Its easily one of the best values in town.

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