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Nyquil induced ramblings

Bob Aubrey

Being sick sucks. For real … you get all congested, mucus fills your nose, your head feels like it’s been placed in a seive, your coughs are unbearable … It just isn’t right. So as I lay here, feeling like absolute hell, floating in and out of Nyquil consciousness, it is still my responsibility to let you know what the band is up to, so here it goes.

Anthony, I didn’t hit you this time around with my bass, so I know you’re pumped to be stoked. Chris Funk, I owe you a beer against the head… not out of spite, just drunken revenge.

This month we have two events scheduled. Why events and not shows? Well, that’s the way I’m thinking of them, as events. The first event is taking place in Eagle-Vail this Friday. We’re shooting a music video for “Broken Heart/Beating Drum” and it’s going to be a good time. If you like old-school horror movies, beer, and you’d like to be apart of it, e-mail me at bobaubrey@hotmail.com. We’re too broke to pay ya, but I can pretty much guarantee a good time, and an educational one at that.

After the whole video work is complete we’ll be playing a $10,000 battle of the bands at Cervantes in Denver on the 22nd, Keep an eye out for that one cause we’d really like some support down in the Mile High city. I’m sure we’ll roll down there carpool style; so again, email me if you’d like to roll down with us.

Well, that’s all we have going on right now, yes it is a little bit of an initfortim hiatus, but sometimes you need that time away in order to keep the music rocking at its regular level.

I’m going to go find some chicken soup.

– Bob

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